An everyday light hemp cream which absolutely nourishes your skin to better health.  Featuring lots of hemp seed oil, seabuckthorn berry, blackcurrant oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E, it provides vitamins, antioxidants,  flavonoids and essential fatty acids. A very popular product with a light orange and vanilla fragrance.


Net wt. 50g in amber glass pot.

Anti-Aging Facial Moisturiser


    "I use the Hemp Light Moisturiser and Anti Aging Hemp Facial Moisturiser and adore them both. They smell divine and soak into my skin like a cool drink, leaving it moist and smooth. I hate oily face creams and this is just perfect. Like a nutritious skin drink! I'm nearly out and will be definitely be getting new replacements."


HH Hemp Ltd.

There is lots of information available about the benefits of industrial hemp products. Oil and hulled seed contains no THC so do not confuse with other cannabis products or medical marijuana. All prices are GST inclusive. 


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