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I started looking into industrial hemp a number of years ago and became very passionate about learning more and exploring the many ways this amazing plant can help sustain communities.
It can even repair some of the damage mankind has inflicted on our planet.  
   Our Hemp Family Business  

Based in Dunedin, New Zealand, we aim to maintain ethical and sustainable practices to assist in environmental preservation, and to appeal to everyday people in our society. We source industrial hemp products grown in New Zealand, and our skincare products are formulated around this core factor. 

My parents have always maintained an interest in farming, gardening, re-using things and not creating waste. I can remember my mother using an expandable string bag for her shopping many years before the next generations became interested, and then alarmed, at the damage which plastics and other man made products have created in our world.  So we have hemp carry bags - for your convenience.

In 2017 my husband and I grew a small plot of industrial hemp, and I would love to do more in the future.  New Zealand is fast catching up with the old knowledge that still exists in countries like China and India, and we are also ready to expand into new fields now developing around the world. For instance :  processing of different hemp cultivars for their nutritional benefits, or for fibre, fabric, ropes, fuel, bioplastics, hemp houses, road vehicles, even for remedying toxic soils, containing oil spills, and enhancing the soil for many other plants.    

I have a nursing background, and have maintained an interest in skincare and wound healing for many years. Hence the creation of a little family–based company around industrial hemp products, particularly for promoting better health and nutrition.  Our products can also assist in the repair of sun-damaged skin, which many of us are discovering we now have, after years of living in our area of the Pacific Ocean. 

We package our products in recyclable materials - such as glass, and we offer a trade discount for the return of good containers such as undamaged food or cream  jars. 

We hope you enjoy! 

The Hoskins family

Image source: Belize Ag Report "Industrial Uses of Hemp", 26 August 2016, Issue 33, Karin Westdyk.

“I am in my eighties and do not like a heavy highly perfumed moisturiser, I find Healthy Happy Hemp Cream with Lemon and Bergamot light, absorbs well, and suits my skin.”


HH Hemp Ltd.

There is lots of information available about the benefits of industrial hemp products. Oil and hulled seed contains no THC so do not confuse with other cannabis products or medical marijuana. All prices are GST inclusive. 


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